About us

Finca La Soledad

Every morning, in season and in the heart of the Comarca de la Vera, we continue to shape our Finca La Soledad project, we collect our figs one by one so that that same day it reaches their destinations and our clients can enjoy this magnificent fruit , the lady's neck fig.

Our trajectory

Finca La Soledad has been contributing for more than 10 years to the growth and development of fig cultivation in our region, the economic and social engine of our land. A region where we enjoy an ideal microclimate for growing our figs along with more than 30 other farmers who trust us and are part of this great family.

Where do we grow our figs?

In Madrigal de la Vera, north of the province of Cáceres, south of the Sierra de Gredos and at the foot of its highest peak (Almanzor 2,592 m). The region bathed by its 47 gorges and 1,423 streams is synonymous with Nature, its exceptional climate makes it a privileged area for the cultivation of the lady's neck fig or honey drop.

The quality is more than guaranteed

Finca La Soledad products are regularly audited to ensure that the quality of our figs remains optimal.