Finca La Soledad, we produce our own figs in a traditional and artisanal way as it has been done for generations, the result is a mountain fig, with a unique skin and sweetness due to the water it receives from its multiple throats, its fertile soil and tradition. in the cultivation of the fig tree. We also have the Ecological certificate of Extremadura.Contamos además con el certificado Ecológico de Extremadura.

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Finca La Soledad, is located in a privileged area for the cultivation of the lady's neck fig. Its climate, land and waters give our figs their particular character.

Health benefits of figs

Two minerals that make this fruit a healthy food for our bones, muscles and nervous system and that are very beneficial for
pregnant women, during lactation periods, for people with fibromyalgia, osteoporosis or people with bone problems in general.

So its consumption helps us in anemic states. Its iron content and the B vitamins that favor the manufacture of red blood cells.

That is why they are suitable in diets against constipation. Dried figs contain a lot of fiber, which helps regulate intestinal transit.
More than 3% fiber for every 100 grams of figs, osteoporosis or people with bone problems in general.

One of the properties that people know less about is the expectorant power that dried figs have and that helps us clean them of
excessive mucus when we suffer from diseases such as bronchitis, colds, etc. Taken dry or infused with honey and lemon, they will
help us feel much better.

Although this may be sufficient condition for you to stay several meters away from this dried fruit, you will like to know that a
handful of figs (about 30 grams), only provides 75 calories and endless minerals and vitamins, which supply more than that caloric
fear that other less beneficial industrial sweets do provide. If you like to play sports, forget about the energy bars, made in an
artificial way, and choose a handful of dried figs, the most natural product and something that athletes already did in ancient
Greece. If they ran without cushioning shoes, clothes that did not regulate body temperature and the rest of the accessories that
we need, we are facing super athletes who chose the best they had to regain their strength: dried figs.

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